The Low Dose Immunotherapy Handbook

Recipes and Lifestyle Tips for Patients on
LDA and EPD Treatment

The Low Dose Immunotherapy Handbook provides practical help and encouragement for allergy sufferers who are taking treatment with LDA or EPD. It tells the history of EPD and LDA, gives the principles behind the treatment, and provides information on how to use and personalize the very mixed diet as well as explaining how it works.

The book provides 84 recipes to help patients on low dose immunotherapy know what to eat around the time of the treatments and how to prepare these foods. The recipes include 39 for the shot-time or EPD diet made only with the foods allowed during the critical period, 9 recipes for "eating exotic" around your shots, and 36 recipes for the very mixed diet. It also includes organizational information and a sample "to do list" to help you get ready for your shots.

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Size: 90 pages, 6 1/4 by 9 1/4 inches
ISBN 978-1-887624-07-7
Price: $12.95

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